How to Find Router IP Address Easily – 2021 Definitive Guide!

How to Find Router IP Address: How do I find my Router IP address?

If you want to increase your internet speed, you may want to rename your WiFi network, create a new WiFi password, want to change the default username and router password, or use a different channel. You must know your router’s IP address in order to make changes to it.

Each router has a configuration page accessible by a web browser. There you will find the list of all the devices connected to your network, you will be able to follow their use of the Internet connection and even limit their bandwidth. But to access this configuration page, you must first know how to find a router IP address or a default gateway.

What is a router IP Address?

What is IP address?

An IP address is a unique address to identify a device or local network on the Internet. The Internet Protocol (IP) is a collection of rules that regulate the format of data transferred over the internet or a local network.

Essentially, IP addresses are the identifier for sending information between devices across a network: they contain location information and make devices communicable. The Internet needs a way of distinguishing between several computers, websites, and routers. In this way, IP addresses are an integral part of the internet function.

Find the Router IP Address

How to find router IP address

If you are not aware of the IP address of your router, try or These two default IP addresses are the most often used router IP addresses. Here’s what you can do if this technique doesn’t work or if the default login address has been changed.

Method 1 (using CMD)

If you’re using a Windows computer, open cmd and type the command ipconfig then hit Enter. The IP address of your router is the value next to Default Gateway.

Method 2 (from Settings)

If you don’t have access to cmd for some reason, you can use the GUI to do it.

1. Open the settings by clicking the Start icon > Settings.

How to Find Router IP Address: How do I find my Router IP address?


2. In the Settings menu, click on the Network and Internet option.

How to Find Router IP Address: How do I find my Router IP address?


3. On the Network & Internet menu, click Status located in the left pane, scroll down the menu in the right pane and click the View your Network Properties link.

How to Find Router IP Address: How do I find my Router IP address?

4. On the next page, scroll down to your active network details (Ethernet or Wireless) and you will see your router’s IP address listed next to “Default Gateway:”.

How to Find Router IP Address: How do I find my Router IP address?

How to Sign In To Your Router

1. Open a web browser

You can use any web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

2. Enter the default IP address of your router in the search bar.

Type in IP address

How to sign in to your router

It’s possible that you’ll be informed that the webpage you’re attempting to access is insecure when you do so. Click on the option to continue even if it’s unsafe after you’ve double-checked the address.

3. Enter your router’s username and password to gain access.

Note: Your router’s manual should have this information. The default log-in information varies from router to router.



To begin, go to Applications > System Tools > Terminal and enter the command ‘ipconfig‘. Next to ‘inet addr,’ you’ll see your router’s IP address.

You can connect to a wireless network by going to Settings > WiFi and selecting the wireless network that is currently connected to your device in iOS9. Find your router’s IP address by looking in the DHCP section.

MAC (Macintosh Operating System) OS

To find your router’s IP address, follow these simple steps:

Go to the Apple menu by clicking on it (top of the screen)
Go to ‘System Preferences‘ and select that option.
Open your network by clicking on the ‘Network‘ button.
Select the appropriate internet protocol address for your device.
Select ‘Advanced‘ from the drop-down menu.
To see the router’s IP address, go to the ‘TCP/IP‘ tab and click on it.


Android users can use Wi-Fi Analyzer, an app developed by a third party. After the app is installed, select ‘AP list‘ from the ‘View‘ menu. Connected to [Network Name] will be displayed. An information window will appear when you tap on it, and it will show the IP address of your router, among other things.

Chrome OS

To access the notification area, go to the taskbar and select it. Afterward, on the list that appears, select ‘Connected to [Network Name]‘ Select your wireless network and then select the ‘Network’ tab to see the results, which will include the IP address of your router.