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How to Change Router Password | Best VPN for Router

When you get a new router, it comes with a default username and password. You can find the router username and password at the bottom or at the back of the router The default username and password are also available on the internet. Anyone can access your router. To make it secure you must know how to change the router password to protect your internet connection from illegal activities.

Find your router configuration page

Access the configuration page of the router by typing any one of the IP addresses of the router from the below table.

IP Address Typical For D-Link, Netgear, and others. Try this IP first. Linksys, Belkin, TP-Link, and others Clear/Clearwire Virgin Media Superhub TP-Link This is pretty rare.

How to access the Router

The Internet providers offer a program, Web, or application to their clients to enter the router. With its input IP address, it can manually access your router via the browser.

We are going to use a TP-Link router to access the router so open your web browser and put: in the space where you write the website URL.

The screen shows the router’s gateway and asks for the username and password.

How to find the router name and password

You must go to your manual to know the username and password of your router. Try the classic if you can’t find it:

– Username: admin

– Password: admin

You can also visit the Router Passwords site to know your default router name and password.

If it doesn’t work, the router can be reset to return to the factory settings, even though the settings will be erased. To reset the router, you must click on the Reset button at the back of the router, insert a wire into the router hole or check the manual on how to change the router password.

Your router with the factory keys can be dangerous, as you have guessed because everybody has access to it. Therefore, the passwords need to be modified.

How to change the router name and password

Once the browser has accessed your router, enter the Settings menu of the router. This will be one way or another depending on the router’s brand.

Go to Maintenance > System Tools > Password. You will see the current username and some boxes for the old and new passwords on the right pane. Write somewhere the new password, you can never get back to the router if you forget it and click on the Save button.


Finding and changing the router password is easy. You must change the router password when you get a new one to secure your internet connection from illegal use. You can contact us via email if you have any problems while finding and changing the router password.