How to Find Router Password – The Definitive 2021 Guide!

How to Find Router IP Address: How do I find my Router IP address?

There are many reasons why you want to log into your router. Possibly, you want to change its previous settings so you can stream fast internet, or probably you want to protect your WIFI network by changing its password or tweaking security options from being hacked. No matter what the reason is, you must know how to find the router password before you change any settings.

How to Find the Router Password

Method 1: Talk To The Person Who Setup Your Internet

I wanted to start with this approach because it can help decrease headaches. If possible, get in touch with the person who installed your internet. Who knows, it may be your mother, father, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, spouse, or sibling. Most likely, it’s one of your family’s “techies.” Inquire whether they are familiar with the username and password for your router. Give it a chance if they do; if they don’t, don’t worry. We can go on to other ways, but sometimes all it takes is asking someone a question to obtain a response.

Method 2: Check Your Router For A Sticker

If the person who set up your home network doesn’t know your router’s password, it’s time to have a look at the router itself. Depending on the router, the default login information might be found on the back, bottom, or side. This is most likely near the sticker with your wireless password written on it. If you come across a sticker that has both a username and a password, check it out. Don’t give up hope just yet if it doesn’t work or you can’t find a sticker at all. We have a few more ideas to explore!

Method 3: Try The Default Username & Password

I considered ranking this approach number one, but it requires a little more effort than just asking someone a question. As a result, it ranked third on our list. Router Passwords is an extremely useful website that lists THOUSANDS of different router types and provides the default username and password for each. I recommend visiting this website and giving it a try. The issue is, in order to discover your router on the site, you’ll need to know your router’s manufacturer and model number. You can find these details on the router itself. If it doesn’t work, try technique number four!

How to Find Router IP Address: How do I find my Router IP address?

Method 4: Reset Your Router & Try The Default Info

Nobody wants to reset their router to factory settings, but if you’re having problems logging in, this is the most likely solution. To begin, go to Router Passwords and look for your router’s brand and model. Go to your router after you’ve discovered it. On the back, bottom, or side, there will be a little button that says “reset” or something similar, or it may simply be a small hole that you can insert a paperclip in. Hold the button down for 30 seconds. This will return your router to its factory configuration. It will even reset your wifi password to default, so make sure everyone who uses the internet knows you’re doing it before you do it. Try logging in with the default username and password after the router has completely restarted. It should work at this point.